Welcome to Creatively Kitsch, my fun little awkward corner on the internet. I'm a graphic designer & art director based out of San Diego, California. And that image above was taken during my first (and who are we kidding, definitely last) time skydiving. Ok, you can stop laughing now, don't be rude...

I love food, mostly recipes that involve sugar, but every once in a while I feature a savory one that's too good NOT to share. I also love books, and am so sad they don't have a version of Book It for adults. I watch way too much tv, and like trashy shows like MAFS and Big Brother (don't @ me). I like to find and share artists who create unique, silly and badass designs. 

Oh, I'm also completely deaf in my right ear and part bionic womanGiving back is important to me, so I usually highlight rad philanthropic organizations (I'm about Shine Theory). 

So bust out the oven mitts, crack open a pale ale and let's get Creatively Kitsch.