WEAR THIS: Kitty Joseph

If you’re a millennial, or the parent of a millennial, you remember the brightly clad heroine of the 80’s Rainbow Brite. Rainbow and I go back, way back. In fact, when I was a kid I used to look forward to ridiculously hot summers back home (temperatures would reach over 115°) because it meant renting movies, specifically renting Rainbow Brite’s San Diego Zoo Adventure (don’t @ me). This movie is very, extremely, uncomfortably 80’s; but I was fascinated that a live-action (yep, RB is literally running around the zoo) rainbow style icon could exist IRL.

Enter Kitty Joseph. Kitty created clothes that a technicolor dream; every piece of this London-based contemporary women’s wear line is delightful. Her designs toe the line between playfulness and elegance expertly; so expertly in fact, that they caught the eye of small-town singer Lady Gaga. Her pleated dresses are my fave (unfortunately, her sizes only cover bodies XS – XL).

If dresses aren’t your thing, Kitty also creates rugs, earrings, phone cases and more. I can’t wait to invest in a memorable piece from her collection. Nine-year-old Heather would be stoked about becoming a real life sophisticated version of Rainbow Brite.

Kitty, thanks for creating these colorful masterpieces!