HOLY YUM: Milk Bar Pie

I recently found myself falling down the Netflix rabbit hole via Chef's Table, specifically Volume 4: Pastry (aka the best season). I’ve found that food specific docuseries on Netflix (like Ugly Delicious and Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat) are love stories. The viewer falls in love at first sight with each meal, and the chefs who lead the way are our yentas. The face Samin Nosrat makes when she tastes freshly baked focaccia bread brings me so much joy. The way David Chang celebrates unique regional food, while sneakily educating the viewer is so entertaining. If you’re a fan of food, ya should be watching.

Christina Tosi’s episode focuses on how she created a category of dessert dedicated primarily to the magic of milk. I’m a lover of all things dessert and had heard of Milk Bar Pie (previously dubbed Crack Pie) before, but I didn’t get what the excitement was all about. What is a Momofuku anyway? This episode of Chef’s Table explains Christina’s upbringing and how her imagination (fueled by sugar, creativity and tenacity) lead to what is now, dare I say it, my favorite dessert ever? (I mean, definitely top 2, I still LOVE a lemon and blueberry combo).

Milk Bar Pie is decadent, rich, gooey and life changing. This isn’t for those who don’t like sugar, and it’s not for people who prefer crunchy cookies over the chewy ones (you’re a monster). I can say that I am happy to forfeit any future birthday cakes for a slice of Milk Bar Pie. If life changing pie isn’t your thing, Christina has other delicious desserts too. She has a compost cookie (a crunchy chocolate chip cookie stuffed with cornflakes and mini-marshmallows) and a naked birthday cake (decadent layers of funfetti cake packed with milk soaked cake crumbs and a rich vanilla frosting). 

Most importantly, Milk Bar ships their delightful delicacies, so treat yo’self and nosh on something sweet and Creatively Kitsch approved!

(image via NY Eater)