BUY THIS: JG x Iconery

I’ve been a fan of since the very beginning. I’m talking pre-adorable planners and desk accessories; I’m taking it way back to when they only sold bedazzled hair berets.’s footprint has grown immensely, and its creator Jen Gotch has transformed in to a style icon. Jen’s online shop now features everything from clothing to pool accessories, to shoe ware. Their tagline is: “We exist to help you be your best and encourage joy” that is definitely an ethos I can get behind.

Every year I buy a agenda; and it not only gets me compliments, but it also keeps me personally and professionally motivated throughout the year. Often emulated but never duplicated, agendas have become a staple for the modern woman (fair warning, popular designs sell out instantly).

Recently,'s fearless leader Jen, has become more transparent about her struggles with understanding and managing her own mental health. She created jewelry line JG x ICONERY; with this line Jen hopes to “raise awareness about mental illness, remove stigmas, help build the emotional intelligence of our community…”.

100% of JG x ICONERY proceeds go to Bring Change to Mind; a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging dialogue about mental health and to raising awareness, understanding, and empathy.

I bought the Resilience necklace and wear it every day.

Resilience is a truly magnificent gift. In a word, it is toughness. Oh, and it is a skill, not a trait—which means all of us have the capacity to be resilient. And resilience doesn’t mean that you are above curling up on the floor in the fetal position, devastated by stress and emotion, covered in tears and snot (ahem, been there). It just means that at some point, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move on.

You should absolutely support this line, they have necklaces for my babes that conquer anxiety, depression and bipolar issues on the daily. Become a champion for mental health and wellness and support a good cause.