Recently, I've had quite bit of time on my hands (more on that later) and I've been looking for unique and inexpensive ways to parse my time (in a constructive non-instagram story black hole of death way). Cut to discovering Libby

Libby is an app that allows you to borrow all the digital books you want for FREE from your local library. The app works on both your mobile and tablet devices and is user friendly and pretty simple to set up. Who doesn't like free books?! 

After you download Libby from the app store, you connect your public library card. Don't have a card? No problem. Most libraries allow you to apply online, once you are assigned a card number, you sync that info to your app; and can immediately start placing titles on hold and borrowing as many books as your heart desires for FREE. 

The caveat, you can only borrow books for up to 13 days and then you either have to renew your loan, or if there is a digital queue of readers waiting, you get placed on the waitlist behind them. This really encourages you to read aggressively and focus, which I appreciate. Libby also offers audiobooks of select titles as well. 

What a dream app! Oh, you can even download content for your next traveling adventure too. So what are you waiting for, get Libby with it!