Representation Matters: Aerie

Clothing company Aerie started making waves in the fashion industry a few years ago when they made the "radical" choice to stop photoshopping models. The move was widely hailed as a success, it made consumers pause and reconsider a brand that they had previously idolized youth, thinness and smooth skin. Cut to 2018, Aerie just quietly released a campaign for their lingerie line, featuring diverse bodies of all shapes, ages and abilities (they didn't shy away from featuring diabetes pumps, wheelchairs, and J-pouches). Models that are every shade and differently abled adorn the website proudly. It is so wonderful in the age of body positivity, to see such diversity in a mainstream clothing brand. 

Check out Aerie's website here, their bras range from size 32A to 36DDD, chonies are available from XXS to XXL. 

Bravo Aerie, representation matters!