To the Girls Sticker Pack

With the anti-harassment campaigns for both #MeToo and #TimesUp the conversation about women's rights have reached a fever pitch. Remember that time Amy "problematic" Schumer featured me in her instagram story without attribution? Infinite eye-roll. 

It's important that we have these open and educational conversations with our girls AND our boys. Their future careers, personal lives and wellness depend on it. Educate yourself by doing the research, reading articles featuring different points of view and above all else never victim-blame. 

"To the Girls" is an digital sticker pack curated by several artists who work for Grand Matter, a London-based artist agency. The profits from the downloads will be donated to Girl Up, a UN Foundation initiative. You can purchase the sticker pack HERE, it's 99 cents ya'll, DO A GOOD THING AND BUY THE STICKER PACK!