Gift Guide: the millennial

You may not want to admit it, but if you were born between the early 1980’s to the mid-1990’s, you, my friend, are a millennial. So what do you get your totes fave millennial for chrismukkah? Here are a few ideas that are pretty fetch.

Help your fave stay hydrated and stylish with the flask. I've been following Jen's shop for many years (remember when she used to just do hair clips and socks) now this badass lady entrepreneur has a shop full of delightful clothes, accessories and beauty products. 

If you have this lovely giant (48"x36") calendar in your home prepare to be asked by every eighties baby where you got it. This piece makes a statement and keeps you on track, because guess what, vision is a thing that gets worse as you age. 

This little baby helps you plan more then brunch dates, craft brew tours and your upcoming trip to Marfa. The Passion Planner helps you break down short and long term goals. This tactile planner helps you take a break from digital burnout and encourages you to be more mindful.

I mean what millennial doesn't like their place smelling fresh while you have friends over for Cards Against and mules. Often Wander is a woman owned San Diego shop, each candle is poured by hand and scents are dreamy.