MAKE THIS: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

I discovered this magical recipe about 5 years ago. I saw it on a lifestyle bloggers instagram, possibly via A Merry Mishap? Anyways, these muffins, they contain THREE ingredients. A foolproof fall must-bake item, these are a delicious crowd pleaser. And they make a ton, one batch makes 24 decently portioned muffins. 

1 box of yellow cake mix (18 oz box) 
1 large can of pumpkin (a 29 oz can, where pumpkin is the ONLY ingredient)
1 bag of chocolate chips (standard 12 oz bag will due -- use dark chocolate chips to elevate the flavor)

1. pour the cake mix in a large bowl
2. pour the entire can of pumpkin the the same bowl
3. mix the two (either by hand if your working on your FLOTUS arms or by hand mixer if you're not)
4. after the first two ingredients are incorporated and creamy add in the entire bag (do it, you know you want to) of chocolate chips and gently fold in to the mix
5. pour a good amount of the muffin mix in to aluminum muffin cups (this is very very important, DO NOT use paper cups the muffins will stick and everything will be awful. you're welcome.)
6. bake at 350° for no more then 20 minutes (test with a toothpick and check them around the 12 minute mark, ovens bake differently or unevenly; which is annoying)
7. the worst part, take them out and let them cool completely (unless you want lava tongue)
8. inhale your first (of many) three ingredient pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

*note: I have not tried this with gluten free cake mix so experiment at your own risk.