MAKE THIS: Easy Buckeye Brownies

These buckeye brownies are NOT sugar free, gluten free or butter free; they are full bodied and should be PRAISED. I've made them a couple times now and they do not disappoint. They do require some prep work and patience (I usually make these over 2 days). Chelsea knew what she was doing when she created this recipe. Clocking in with under 12 ingredients, it's dangerously easy to make. 

The first layer is brownie (boxed, AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME), the second layer is a peanut butter/graham cracker whipped creamy center topped with melted chocolate (with a touch of PB). Heaven. This recipe works best for large groups as it makes a TON of treats (as in a 9x13" 5lb pan of buckeyes). 

*Pro-tip: You can make your own powdered sugar in a Vitamix and it's magical.

Get Chelsea's full recipe for these delightful buckeye brownies here: Chelsea's Messy Apron