I can hear you now!

I have the best audiologist & surgeon ever! Sara Mattson and Rivik Mehta have given me the gift of sound. As I posted previously (here and here)  I am 100% deaf in my right ear and have been ever since birth. Listen to Sara talk about ME at the 20 minute mark!

I am 100% happy with the end result! Aesthetically, wearing the BAHA isn't an issue. In fact most people don't even realize any difference at all. Here is a quick rundown of my experience, cliffs note version:
Post Surgery
the surgery was quick, I was awake during the procedure. It was definitely THE most bizarre thing to hear a drill going into my head but there was no discomfort at all.

I didn't take my pain medication early enough so I experienced some pain, it was searing and felt like a massive amount of pressure in my head.

Day 2
Now that I have my antibiotics and pain pills on schedule I am not having any issues at all. In fact, I'm in better shape then I was after having my wisdom teeth removed!

Week One
Everything is healing up well, check in with Dr. Mehta cleans the implant area and sends me on my way

3 months and a week later
They seriously to make you wait the entire time for your bone to osseointegrate with the abutment, I tried to push up the date to get my BAHA up, but the doc's wouldn't budge. Sara programs my BAHA, shows me how to attach it to my head (I am now the bionic women) and answers every question I throw at her

5 months later
Other then a few software issues with the new BP100 the BAHA is working well

8 months post surgery
... and counting. I am now 100% comfortable with my BAHA. I love it, I am able to distinguish who's speaking immediately without looking or turning my head towards them. When people yell across the room, I hear them (and don't "ignore" them) I heard a glass break two rooms away and knew it was a vase before my co-workers could figure it out. This hearing thing is freaky, but in a good way.

The cheapest batteries I've found thus far are at walmart (or walmart.com) 24 zinc batteries for $15, not too shabby. My batteries last me about 8-10 days. | shop

View images of me and my BAHA here: BP100

If you have any questions about my experience I would be glad to answer them or direct you to someone who can.