KK outlet

Everyone seems to be getting royal wedding fever and for good reason. I remember when I was “in like” with Prince William (age 12-15) his face adorned my bedroom walls thanks to Tigerheat and Teen Beat.

KK outlets is a British run store featuring a very unique array of products. Most notably KKO was featured on Good Morning America with their unconventional and smart royal wedding memorabilia.

Unlike the official traditional chinaware products hocked by the royals (as seen here) these dishes created by KKO are more desirable by the commoners. They feature phrases such as “thanks for the free day off” “It should have been me” and there’s even one with a Facebook “like” button (Mark Zuckerberg should be proud!).

These plates will be in available in the London store on February 3, if you’re no where near “where the bridges are falling down” you can pre-order via email (manchester@kkoutlet.com).

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