not Baja... definitely not a sunny vacation spot. Its a Cochlear hearing device that aids people with Unilateral Hearing Loss.

So basically it works likes this: you take the deaf ear side (right for me) and put a titanium abutment in the bone right above and behind the damaged ear. Not deep, just so that the "screw" is flush with your skin. The abutment needs to be integrated with your bone, this process is called "osseointegration" it takes about 3 months for your bone to grow around this foreign object. Once healed you wear the BAHA sound processor. And the sound is communicated via the bone to your cochlea (direct bone conduction) And just like that you hear! One day you can't hear and the next you can... Pretty cool, eh?

I will be "getting" the smaller size of the hearing device because I have 100% hearing in my left ear. It is the size of a quarter roughly, but square. Easily hidden by your hair if your a girl or an emo boy.

So what do I think so far? Upon first observation, not an overwhelming difference. When I'm at home just watching TV I notice that I don't have to turn up the volume as high. I went to see the Vagina Monologues and the crowd noise was really loud, however once the show started my sister leaned over and whispered in my RIGHT ear and I HEARD her. So noticeably different there, also I was able to tell where sound was coming from without searching the stage to moving lips. It was amazing! Little things like that make me want to jump and book my appointment as soon as possible. But I'm an analyzer (sometimes, well, when it comes to drilling into my head anyways) and so I'm still playing with the "tester" that I have on lease until the end of the week...

Until next time, hear ya when I hear ya :)