Tasty Treats

New year, new you! Tired of the old cliches I wanted to find a way to eat healthy while not jeopardizing my "yummy" palate or depleting the nutritional value of what I consume... will this be a whole new me, nah, not completely. I just wont eat brownie batter from the mixing bowel (as much).

Today I was inspired by friend/coworker miss juligie from okeedorkee to write about a few simple recipes... i've been on a photography kick with my meals because fresh food is just so much prettier (and tastier) then the processed stuff...

I've been doing the whole no carb thing, which requires massive creativity or else you get bored, real quick. I have a few staples that are quick and easy (key to life because of commute/work/life balance) try these out when you're in a foodie slump.

scallops and roasted vegetables! roasted vegetables have become a staple, they are SO easy to make. Just get your fav veggies + virgin olive oil + salt/pepper (or garlic fresh or powdered) to taste. Bake at 350 or 400 (honestly, whatever) and in 20ish minutes you have an awesome mainstay on your plate. Scallops require very little olive oil, super quick just browned in a pan. meal done. tummy full.

turkey chili time. EASY. brown off turkey ground beef (jennie-o is awesome) + kidney beans + stewed tomatoes + chili seasoning pack (lawry's is tasty) and magic, dinner is served. top with avocado/light sour cream/salsa and you are good to go!

finally, salad. but not really. this is chicken salad salad. start with canned chicken (white meat only in water) add mayo (real, it has healthier fats then low fat) add olives and peas. place atop spinach. and ta-da, dinner is served.

next up dessert.