Michael Jackson knows best?

So I was discussing with my mom how Michael Jackson will NEVER get the swine flu, having donned a mask the majority of his adult life. My mom then said "I bet Blanket won't get the swine flu". Which prompted me research his kids name... I've only see two of them out in public and had completely forgotten about the third one! And I couldn't remember if Blanket was called "Blanket" because he was the one that MJ dangled over the balcony while wearing a blanket on his head... haha. Case in point good 'ol google:

{image courtesy of google}

"he has Prince Michael Jackson,Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, and Prince Michael Jackson II (Blanket Jackson).

Prince II's Nickname is Blanket because Michael uses the word blanket as a word of love. "As in I'll Blanket you, I'll protect you. You sould Blanket him or you should Blanket her. Blanket means love and protect." Michael said this in the 'living with Michael Jackson' documentary."

Hahaha, I totally forgot about that doc, the one where he climbs the trees and buys gold masks and shizz.. hilarious...  And how creepy is it that love = blanket. *kids if Michael Jackson ever buys you a Snuggie run, fast!* So there you go mom, you were kind of right, the kids name IS freakin' Blanket. LOL