Design Public

Everything you could possible need for the home (except a little pricey and ultra chic). Design public is a breath of fresh air, sleek streamlined pet beds, cozy pillows, and clever solutions for the mom on the go. Check out a few of my favorites, below (I didn't mean for that to rhyme, I swear ha)

First up, a brilliant clutch for moms! Outwardly deceiving, this bag has room for wipes, diapers, and even a changing mat! Scoop this one up, its on sale for 60$!

Ok, pillow obsession take 5. How can you say 
no to these cute snuggle buddies... 

Pets are take care of too, these adorable mats are plenty for you pooch to rest on. Buy one, or 3, or 6... depending on your pooch and pea preference. 

Can't forget about the kittens, nest in their very own sphere!

Wall adornment, cleaver, simple. These are 3 dimensional circles.

Wall art, on wood blocks

Visit them here: Design Public