Kitson LA. At first glance nothing really "that" special at least to me. It's basically rich girls version of Forever 21. Seriously. But thought I'd check out their online selection because Nicole Ritchie started her jewelry "Harlow Collection" (which is cute, btw) anyways, upon further browsing found a few items worth noting.  

Oblivi, the coin purse. notice how i shorten words and pretend I'm a shopper who has to dash in and avoid the paparazzi. This actually happened to me, (not the paps part but seeing a celeb dash in Kitson) the celeb, nicole ritchie. the paps storm, it was during her SUPER anorexic phase, the employees don't flench. paps are pressed against the window, cameras flashing. and (what I assume must be the manager) pushes the magic button and this metal window covering blocks the paps from seeing nicole pick up a desperate housewives tee. interesting. shortly thereafter i exit the premises. 

so i have cake on the brain. Cut your manolo blanc cake with a pair of these, how adorable is this. pretty cheap too. a perfect fit. and in case leporard isn't your thang there's zebra print too. j'dore. 

i absolutely love these mugs, they are fantastic, huge, and come in cool colors. how can you resist.

what kid won't want to scoop up their vegetables with these awesome utensils, heck i want a pair!

Kitson adventure complete. All these items can be found online here: Kitson