The BEST opening title sequence!

I saw Watchmen this weekend and BEST part of the movie was the opening title sequence. This lady put it best: "Setting the tone for the film is a multi-layered, 6-minute long title sequence conceived by director Zack Snyder that features compelling 3D typography designed by yU+co, the Hollywood-based design/animation studio that previously collaborated with Snyder on the title sequence for his box-office smash hit, 300.

Set to the Bob Dylan classic 'The Times They Are A-Changin,' the title sequence strings together key events from the alternate history of the comic book series, starting from the 1940’s up to the 1980’s, the time period the story is set in. Through a series of slow-motion vignettes, we see how a collection of superheroes have influenced and altered major events such as World War II, the JFK assignation, the Cold War and the moon landing. Incorporated into each scene is the yU+co. title design, bathed in bright yellow, which plays off of the blood splattered happy-face icon that is a key visual component to both the graphic novel and the film."

{Watch this while you can, apparently Warner Bros is on the lookout & disabling the video, enjoy!}

*update* this video has been disabled... bummer dudes...