BOOK CLUB: My Latest Book Obsessions

Now that you know all about Libby, here are a few books I highly recommend:

If Christian Grey wasn't your thing (those books were hilarious, don't even get me started on the unwatchable movie adaptations), I suggest Jasmine Guillory. Her books aren't your average wypipo romance novels, there are no Fabios on horseback or damsels in distress here. Jasmine writes female characters who are strong willed, brilliant, sometimes nerdy and always relatable. 

Start with her first book, The Wedding Date and after you quickly finish that delightful tale, move on to her second The Proposal. The third book The Wedding Party comes out in July, and I cannot wait! Jasmine's books are the first time I was able to see myself truly reflected in a story; I didn't realize how starved I was for a romance that centered around women of color, it felt great to be seen. 

If tales of adventure are more your thing, I recommend Kristin Hannah's The Great Alone. Without giving too much away, the book centers around a young family moving from the Pacific Northwest to the Alaskan wilderness to start anew, or so they think. This book made me 100% want to visit Alaska ASAP while also equally terrifying me with the harshness of nature. Highly recommend.

If non-fiction is more your thing, I suggest When Breath Becomes Air. Published posthumously and written by Paul Kalanithi, this book details the life and death of a brilliant  neurosurgeon. What do you have in common with Paul, everything and nothing. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, this book is his legacy. He eloquently describes the fragility of life and tries (and succeeds) to answer the question, what makes life worth living. A surprisingly easy read that deserves your time. 

NOTE: If you can afford to purchase these books, PLEASE support the above authors and buy all the things.