San Diego Comic Con 2018

Tis' the season for Comic Con, the international convention descends on San Diego this week! As a local, it means our hotel prices surge and the little public transportation we do have, comes to a screeching halt. Locals that aren't lifetime CC attendees, prefer to take part in the events outside of the convention to avoid camping fans aggressively handing out "free hugs" (seriously, it's a thing). 

Here are a few notable events that sound pretty rad, they're mostly free and if you're near the Gaslamp you should definitely check them out.
  • Live Conan Taping - these sell out quickly, if you don't have a ticket already you are likely SOL 
  • I love The Good Place so much, they are having a pop up event across from the Tin Fish
To see more events happening outside of Comic Con check out this super informative site: 2018 Events