Slime Sunday is a moniker for Mike Parisella; his surreal and evocative style is hard to ignore. The juxtaposition of neon colors and organic subjects is intriguing, playful and sometimes disturbing. Slime Sunday's Monolith Series is unintentionally terrifying (I think I have some hang ups about space invaders haha). That vast orb bobbing above monuments isn't calming; so it's no surprise Mike's Space Series nearly gave me an anxiety attack.

These gorgeous images make you feel small in a world that we often forget is vast and infinite. Mike uses tools like Cinema 4d, Photoshop, X Particles, Final Cut Pro, and After Effects to create these artistic collages. 

His style is ever evolving, keep up with Slime Sunday on Instagram (for his latest work) and purchase prints (which I plan to do) on Society 6.