Gift Guide: gifts that give back

Since tomorrow is #GivingTuesday here are a few organizations that are near and dear to my heart.


This organization is over 100 years old, and hopefully with your support it will continue to thrive. PP is a community healthcare provider who's services are integral to the health of women and girls across the United States. Donate here or purchase merch from their official marketplace. 

I mean, do I even need to explain why you should foster and adorable baby elephant from The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Your funds will help raise and rehabilitate an orphaned baby (typically its mother and family have been killed to serve the brutal ivory trade). 

By now y'all know how I feel about elephants. Love is not a strong enough word; and now the orange asshole is attacking an animal that is literally smarter then he is. Save the Elephants says it best "Elephants are among the most intelligent creatures on the planet and have complex emotions. Their lives are being lost to the ivory trade, accelerating habitat and range destruction. You can help put a stop to this and ensure Africa’s elephants are protected for generations to come."

RADICAL MONARCHS I was a Girl Scout for over 8 years, and I know it ultimately made me a better human and changed how I move through the world. I also realize, now as an adult, how flawed it is as an organization/corporation (I was def the only brown Brownie in my troop). Radical Monarchs offers an alternative for girls of color; based out of the Oakland area, they encourage girls to form fierce sisterhood and radically contribute to their communities.