The Black ABCs

Thanks to amazing blogger extraordinaire, LaTonya Yvette for posting this card on her instagram. It lead me down a joyful rabbit hole. "The Black ABCs." was published in 1970 by the Society for Visual Education in Chicago, Illinois. They were originally produced as oversized school posters and flash cards, the cards contained this quote on the back: "The pictures are of people and situations particularly relevant to many city children and thus can make the reading readiness program in city schools more meaningful."

Melissa Stewart is an Austin, Texas based artist and educator who has an adorable Etsy shop called Meow Kapow which specializes in retro wares. It took Melissa five years to collect a set of all 26 the original posters, and an additional five years to restore them using Photoshop.

You can purchase the full set here (I did!): Meow Kapow Vintage Alphabet