Is this thing on? #Adulting

Confession time, I haven't been adulting very well. I mean, I have been getting shit done at a very high level at work and home life is good too; however I've been neglecting extracurriculars that bring me joy. I've been making too many excuses and given in to the exhaustion that follows a stressful corporate job. But I need to make my joy a priority; starting with hiking more consistently (Iron Mountain two weekends in a row, check), spending more time with friends (will be checked off this Thursday when I travel to Portland to see Solo, an adorable dog and forget about why the powerpoint slide won't animate correctly at 9pm at night) and the trifecta is completed with beginning to blog again. Sharing fun, unique and even bizarre finds on my little corner of the internet. So here we go folks, I'm back.

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