Listen Hear: Podcast Edition

A new job = an increased commute. One way to survive the daily grind (besides belting out Solo and Bey -- bless you Ms. Tina for sharing your children with the world) is to listen to podcasts. My subscription list is growing and whenever I find a good one I excitedly share it with my friends. Here's what I'm currently listening to: 

Another Round
Heben and Tracy are the kind of women I want to be friends with, their banter, laughter and interview style is on point. If I lived in NY we would go out for brunch, watch a few episodes of Martin while sipping on adult beverages. They make you feel like you're hanging out with girlfriends you've known for years. 

Call Your Girlfriend
Aminatou and Ann are two badass chicks who talk about pop culture (Erstwhile Sock Designer Rob Kardashian) to politics (Make America Smell Great Again). They are best friends who have real-talk about menstrual cramps and their guest list is endlessly entertaining. 

Hosted by Dan Savage (known for his irreverent sense of humor and unfiltered sex advice) Savage Lovecast answers listener questions about relationships, love and sex. Entertaining and informative his podcast offers a unique view in to American (and occasionally international) bedrooms. 

For Colored Nerds
This is my newest Podcast discovery; Brittney and Eric are two New York friends who discuss everything nerdy. Wither they are interviewing YA authors, giving love to Leslie Jones or talking to members of the Black Art Incubator the episode is good and they are quickly becoming my favorite colored nerds!

*image source unknown, if you know the artist please let me know so I can credit appropriately