MAKE THIS: Banana Pudding Ice Cream

(image source Spicy Southern Kitchen)

Now that it's officially summer, it's time to bring on the no-bake recipes and buy all the ICE CREAM. A couple years ago I discovered Steve's Southern Banana Pudding Ice Cream and holy hell, was it delicious. *Side note: I highly recommend Steve's entire collection of flavors, they use real whole ingredients and taste delightful*

Anyways, I was craving this banana pudding ice cream ALL THE TIME; and since I had recently purchased a Vitamix (my favorite kitchen gadget), I decided to put that sucker to work. I originally used this recipe from The flavor was pretty spot on, but it called for more sugar then I was comfortable with, so I played around in the Creatively Kitsch test kitchen until I got it right. 

My lightened up version consists of only 4 ingredients. 

1) Frozen Bananas (2.5, large) - wait until they're nearly overripe and freeze overnight 
2) Milk (about 2 cups) - I've used cow, soy, coconut, really you can't go wrong with any dairy ingredient
3) Nilla Wafers (1 cup) - If I'm making small batch pints I prefer the mini wafers, if your going ALL THE WAY (which I totally endorse) use the normal size ones. 
4) INSTANT Banana Cream Pudding mix, 3.4 oz

Place the bananas, milk, a handful of crushed wafers and the instant pudding mix in your blender. Mix baby, mix. Use discretion when adding milk, too much will give your ice cream a runny milkshake consistency (which, is still delicious but not as fun). Once you have a creamy concoction start layering the ice cream like a lasagna. 

First layer ice cream, then nilla wafers and then fresh bananas. Continue until you fill up your receptacle. For me that's about 2 plastic pints full. You can enjoy immediately or freeze overnight to get the desired consistency. Make sure you give it time to defrost a bit before going down on your summer treat. Since it doesn't have extra fat it freezes a bit harder then traditional ice cream. Enjoy!