What They Don't Teach You in Design School: Part 2


In real world (at least the corporate/inHouse world) often there is NO process. Or if there is a design process, is it conducted at warp-speed. 

Do you remember those books we created in college? Fully dedicated to documenting and developing your process from research, to concept, rough compositions and final product. Yeah, that doesn't happen anymore. 

Here is how the process works outside of the academic walls.

Client Request (you can sometimes go in blind guessing and defining/refining what the client wants and who the audience is) --> Initial Comps (at least 3 solid varying good ideas) --> Client revisions (this can lead to 5.. 8.. or 10 rounds of revisions if there is no charge-back system in place) --> Project Completed (printed/live/DONE)

That's it. There is no intentional research, you just plop it together and serve it on a pretty InDesign platter. Everyone's happy. Except you, because as a designer you basically just regurgitated a project to fulfill a deadline or appease a client.

Without a thorough process in place you can feel disconnected, disenchanted and creatively stagnate.