graphic designer for hire?

friends and friends of friends are always asking me for parameters/rules of hiring a graphic designer. most people jump to wanting a "logo" or "website" before they have a business plan or any sort of strategy which can lead to spec work. spec work = bad. designers have lots of qualifying questions for perspective clients as well (i.e. letterpress, envelopments, web, print fees, budget, ect)

recently one of my favorite letterpress girls wrote a post called "5 things you should know before hiring a graphic designer" Adrienne boiled it down to 5 key points:  1) portfolio 2) personality 3) scope of a project 4) budget and changes 5) timeline

"I don’t like estimating in the dark just as much as you don’t like giving out a dollar amount. If you have no idea what your budget is, just tell your designer that you have no idea what x & y will cost you but you’d like to see their pricing. If it’s way more than expected then go back and ask the designer how you can shave your costs."

"We all get along with certain type of people. Make sure the designer is someone that you can be honest with (and they won’t cry when you critique their work) as well as someone that is similar to you."

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  1. Thanks Heather for blogging about the 5 tips! I'm sure you can totally relate as many other designers out there can.

    xox! Adrienne


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