The Shape Report

The Triumph Shape Report is a study that surveyed Australian and New Zealand men and women about their views on the female body type. They asked questions such as "Are you happy with your body?" 70% answered "No" while 79% of men responded that they are "happy with their partners bodies". Another question from the Shape Report revealed that 48% of women surveyed are a size 14 or bigger yet 57% of women would like to be no bigger then a size 10.

The Triumph Shape Report encourages women to not think of their body types as "baskets of fruit" (i.e. pear and apple shapes) but instead think of their body as a work of art celebrated throughout the ages by master artists (renaming their physiques "da Vinci", "Rubens", "Matisse" and "Rembrant").

Of course, the whole project is put together by retail shape wear company Triumph which kind of sends a mixed message. Celebrate your body, but don't forget to make sure it's shaped properly. HA

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