Elephant TOMS

8:19 PM Heather Marie 3 Comments

elephants + TOMS, I'm in love. I just purchased these and can't wait to wear them!!!
be my twin and buy a pair here | shop

*Update: These lovely shoes are no longer available and I have nearly worn them out. You can however buy these super cute Year of the Dog or Bee Kind classics!

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  1. Someone came into work today, looking for Toms. I told her we only carry Bobs. She was like, "Oh, that sucks" and I said "Yes. It does" lol. Bobs make people disappointed.

  2. I just got these Toma today and they r sooo cute! I can't wait to wear them! And they pretty much go with everything because they are white with a twist. I love these to because they are the classics to. I LOVE TOMS!!!