Diet Pepsi "Skinny Can"

Pepsi unveiled it's new Diet Pepsi "Skinny Can" during New York's Fashion Week. Now not only are my thighs "too fat" but my soda can is wearing Spanxs. The fact that the new "Skinny Can" debuted during Fashion Week where model-thin is the norm and real healthy bodies are shunned is deplorable. Combine that with a culture that's overloaded with unrealistic body image and the new Diet Pepsi Skinny Can is destined to cause unintentional self esteem and body image issues for its consumers. 

Pepsi says, "Diet Pepsi has a long history of celebrating women through iconic fashion imagery seen in our infamous and historical campaigns, and we're proud to continue that tradition as an official sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week," said Jill Beraud, Chief Marketing Officer, PepsiCo. "Our slim, attractive new can is the perfect complement to today's most stylish looks, and we're excited to throw its coming-out party during the biggest celebration of innovative design in the world."

The Truth: "The cover of almost every [magazine] depicts a celebrity or model that both defines and is defined by a very narrow and relatively precise paradigm of female beauty. She is tall (maybe 5’10”), slender (about 110 pounds), and her body is meticulously toned" - The Religion of Thinness 

Sound familiar? The new skinny can will be available nationwide in March. 

(via the dieline)