The Good Shoe Project

As I was strolling through the local mall I found myself in front of the Payless window display something caught my eye, it was oddly familiar and out of place. Payless is promoting a line called "the good shoe project". Echoing (and that's a polite way of saying stealing) the design, mission, vision and values from the more reputable TOMS shoes. (i.e. TOMS says : "one for one" Payless says "buy one, give one") Case, meet point. Nonetheless when you purchase a pair of the Airwalk Hope shoes Payless will send a pair to a child in El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua or Guatemala.

The whole project is overseen and distributed by World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization who spread good will and aid to over 100 countries while "reflecting Christ in very community".

Hmm, what do you think about that? Is heavy handed inspiration acceptable in this case because it's for a good cause?