Dr. Quinn and Sully reunite

I am squealing!¡ Jane Seymour and Joe Lando are reuniting on the silver screen (well, hallmark channel). Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman was beyond. Who can forget the first time Michaela and Sully kissed, the pet dog named "wolf" and when they replaced blonde Colleen with a skinner ginger actress in the third season and no one batted an eye, genius. I could go on and on about Reverend Timothy going blind, or Grace and Robert E.'s sweet potato pie but I'll refrain.

What was the point of this post, oh yeah... Jane Seymour and Joe Lando are together again for the Hallmark movie "At Home with Prudence". It is slated to premiere Spring 2011 (I'm jumping the gun a lil bit, that's how excited I am). LOVE.