10 things i learned at HOW Conference

I had the opportunity to attend HOW in Denver, it was in a word "amazing". I can sum it up in 10 bullet points (I know how much designers loooooove bullet points) ha

1. 70% of Denver does not believe in toilet seat covers, bizarre. I blame it on their obsession with being eco-friendly. You crazy mile-highers, you.

2. The two greatest lines you can ever use are as follows: "Are you fucking kidding me?" and "Fuck that."- Erin Sarpa

3. The difference between men and women: "Men have no problem bragging about accomplishments and asking for promotions" "Men ask for help when they need it, women come in early and stay late until it gets done" - Erin Sarpa

4. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Work on your weaknesses or surround yourself with people who are strong in your weakness. - Erin Sarpa

5. Have specific goals, don't take no for an answer, do NOT be afraid to fail (fail fast, so you can succeed faster), surround yourself with good people, love a challenge and know who you are. - Erin Sarpa

6. The altitude in Denver really impairs your ability to remain sober for very long.

7. When you have client design issues do NOT email the client. Speak in person, if that's not physically possible call on the phone and discuss thoroughly. Chris Chapman

8. Partner with clients to make work quicker and more efficient. Find a visual solution together to help meet the ultimate goal/end product. - Chris Chapman

9. What makes a great client? Four C's. Courage, to push boundaries. Collaboration. Commitment, step up to the plate to make it happen. And of course the ever elusive, Cash. Ken Carborne

10. HOW Conference reaffirmed my passion for design and reminded me why I chose to do what I do. It has altered my outlook, in the best way possible and challenged me to never settle. Job well done...