Amazing or ridiculous?

Kotex's new U feminine hygiene ad smartly plays on the fact that most American television stations ban the use of the word "vagina" and mock competitors commercials that feature "happy carefree women clad in white unitards". The tv spots are produced by the advertising agency JWT, (part of WPP) may be TMI for some. But for me, a member of their core audience, I find it refreshing to find the humor in periods. Lets face it, making fun of the blue mysterious liquid they pour on pads in said competitor commercials are more relatable then a girl dancing around a field of daisies.

A second video introduces a "racially ambiguous attractive girl in an ALL white outfit" daringly stating: you want to be me, buy the same tampons I do.

The third features a beaver, enough said.

Job well done JWT/WPP!