can you hear me now?

SSD or UHL. that's what I have, I never knew it had its own acronym. yet here I am considering surgery. I never thought that would be in the cards. SSD stands for "single-sided deafness" and UHL is unilateral hearing loss. I have been completely deaf in my right ear ever since birth. But I was raised to not think of it as a disadvantage, in fact I didn't think about it at all.

brilliant graphic representation of my experience found here: hear

I mean I played a couple instruments, sang in choirs I wasn't like a full-on deaf person ha. I had learned to adapt incredibly. My reactions are automatic, so much so that its ingrained in who I am. When I'm catching a movie with a friend I make sure they are sitting on the left side of me, when I'm walking in a large group I merge to the left side and when I'm in a crowded bar I focus all my A.D.D. energy and my concentration on the person who is speaking to me in a "normal" tone amongst the chaos.

I've had a normal life, I never even thought about ever "hearing" from my right ear. That was completely unfathomable. Encouraged by an old high school orchestra friend (studying to become an audiologist) I made my first appointment in 10years (I mean what was the point of going to a hearing doc, they were going to just confirm "guess what you still can't hear jack" haha) with a couple of california hearing and balance doctors.

What came next was shocking. Life changing. I could hear HEAR out of my right ear. I went from complete silence to sound, it was the most trippy experience I have ever had. It was like baby's first steps... I was overwhelmed with this new sense.

I hope to blog more about my new found "ear advantage" in later posts. But for now you can find more information here: cochlear Will I become a "bionic woman"? lol Only time and sound will tell...


  1. Wow, this is pretty amazing. I recently had a ruptured ear drum so I had very little hearing in my right ear. It was totally weird not being able to hear on one side, but I can't imagine how totally strange it would be to get hearing on both sides in adult life. It's so cool what science can do, isn't it?

  2. It's INSANE what science can do. I'm convinced I'll be the 2010 version of Vicki from Small Wonder, ha. Sorry to hear about your ear, the smallest body parts cause the worst pain!

    Hope your ear is healed! P.S. thanks for reading my long rant :)


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