Yummy Healthy Food For Your Tummy

Food that is good for you, can often leave a bad taste in your mouth. However, I have sampled and tested out different varieties and have found some tasty treats for your tummy. These will fill you up, satisfy your craving (yes, even for chocoholics like myself), and satiate your need for low calorie alcohol (ekk yes, alcohol). And since sharing is caring, here goes nothing:

Ok first up, beer. I recommend Michelob Ultra, its pretty good stuff and is only 100- 114 calories, so yay! Drink on drinkers, I haven't tried any of the fancy "girlie" flavored ones but I want to now! Hopefully it tastes nothing like nasty Miller Chill.

You can't give up pizza when you're on a diet, thats just unjust. These are cool and will satisfy that Pizza Hut/Dominos/deliciousness at your door craving. Kashi makes food from whole grains, flax seed, and real vegetables (haha, as oppose to frozen ones). Sicilian Veggie is good for vegans/vegetarians I wouldn't suggest it to anyone else, unless you want to jazz it up with something (like meat, lol). The five cheese tomato is awesome, as is the mushroom and spinach version (not pictured) all brought to you by Kashi. The South Beach Diet pizza's are pretty good too, the crust is delicious (but good luck trying to find these in your local supermarket). The Kashi pizza's are more readily available, you can find them in your local Wal-Mart, Vons, ect. 

Dairy: I'm not a huge milk person but I LOVE chocolate milk. The light Silk chocolate milk is yummy. It's thinner then fat free milk, but I can drink glasses of this easily.


Meal Bars/Snack Bars: First of all these photos make them look way fancier then they are. The South Beach Diet Bars are a great for a meal on the go or an afternoon snack pick me up. They are high in calories but chalk full of fiber and all that other necessary healthy stuff. I give two enthusiastic thumbs up to the cinnamon raisin bar. It is AMAZING. When you open up the package it just smells like butter, and sugar, and what I imagine heaven would permeate. Ok, ok maybe I'm exaggerating. But the stuff is GOOD. Bonus hint: heat it up in the microwave for 10 or so seconds, and you'll think you are eating a Cinnabon!  Also good, are the chocolate peanut butter, and regular peanut butter (which taste like Nutter Butters). 

This one is deceiving, its a snack fiber fit bar also from SBD. It's ok, but full of your entire day's worth of fiber. So that's cool. These can be found at Target, Wal-mart, grocery stores, but not Costco. 

Ice Cream: Without Skinny Cow I would be nothing. These are phenomenal. My favorite is the chocolate peanut butter. These all come in around 120 calories, so it won't hurt your waistline. This treat awaits you at grocery stores and Costco (yay for buying items in bulk!)

Enjoy! Now go eat something that is good & good for you!