Forever 21 gets real

Forever 21 is cheap, cool, and convenient for young girls. It allows you to purchase inexpensive outfits that make you feel cute. However, the size range in this store is deplorable. The highest size offered is a large, and it fits like a big small... i couldn't fit in their jeans unless i was still a fetus. Finally, they have gotten hip to this idea and have decided to offer bigger sizes. Tar'get has hopped on board and will offer their cool designer threads as well... welcome to 2009 babies. You too can be thrifty and cute, don't let that number on the tag hold you back! Shop on shoppers...



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"Forever 21's line, Faith 21, will have sizes ranging from XL-2X, while Target's Pure Energy line will go up to a size 30.

It's about time, said several shoppers scouring the crowded racks of a Forever 21 branch in downtown Manhattan, New York, one recent afternoon.

"I would love to be able to shop in one store with my friends that are all different sizes," said one young petite college student, who was eyeing the $2.50 tank tops. "I think it's great that they're expanding."

Another shopper, a full-figured teen in a stylish baby doll dress, was also excited. "I tried on something earlier that was totally cute and it did not fit my breast size, which is really frustrating, because I liked it." 

Faith 21 will feature of-the-moment pieces like sheer peasant blouses, denim leggings and curve-hugging mini dresses. Pure Energy will have skinny jeans, maxi dresses and sleeveless party tops.

"In the past we've had XL sizes and we would sell out of them so quickly," said Heidi Canalizo, a regional manager at Forever 21. "Our customers have been asking for this for so long and in the past few years we've really decided it's time to get into it. Not everyone is a size 2."

However not everyone is thrilled about the inclusion of plus size clothing. Arguing/fearing that featuring plus sizes (12+) is encouraging obesity. I say let them eat cake, and shove it. For a 15year old girl that can finally wear that awesome shirt that only cost her 2.50, you go girl!