Fanny Packs Morphing into Hip Purses

Does calling it something else make it any less uncool? These are fanny packs aimed at redeeming themselves by donning clever names like: waist pack, messenger bag, travel belt, purse belt, pouch belt, hip bag, pocket belt, and utility belt. whew, that was a LOT to process. Well they are basically "jazzed up" versions of the original dorkified fanny pack... But Happy Cow promises these aren't your dad's fanny pack, nay, these are super cool. 

And here's why: Happy Cow was established in 2004 with the discovery of a unique opportunity:  "After spending a considerable amount of time wandering through India we came across a man who produced handmade leather clothing.  This man was also a strict vegetarian.  This point confused us - how could he abstain from eating meat yet work with leather? 

As we began to learn the culture,  it became clearer - this man had no problem working with leather because no cow had been killed to obtain the leather!  All of his leather came from large furniture manufacturers who have excess leather on hand.  He also explained to us that a significant portion of the leather comes from cows that died of natural causes.  This is in fact quite common in India where 90% of the population are Hindus who consider cows to be sacred.

By shopping at Happy Cow, you are not only discouraging the unnecessary killing of animals but you are also helping to heal the planet!  According to the United Nations, the mass breeding of cows (and other farm animals) is estimated to be responsible for a significant quantity of CO2 emissions (around 20%).*  By using only recycled leather, we can help to diminish demand for mass breeding.

The current theme is Belt Bags- they not only make your life easier, but also look great!  Each belt is 100% Handmade from recycled leather and you will surely find numerous styles to fall in love with!  When choosing your belt, keep in mind what you need to carry with you when you go out.  'Why carry a bag when you can have a Belt Bag?'"

Kind of cool, yeah? Judge for yourself. Here are a few of their items: Happy Cow

the hip purse

Fanny pack

double barreled utility belt, and waist pack

this one is kind of cute, but someone can totally jack your money without you knowing ... so this gets points for its color and design, but knocked for its hijack-ability .

{side note: these would be pretty efficient for festivals/concerts and traveling in Europe, I'm just saying... }