Girl Scout Cookie Time!

5:00 PM Heather Marie 0 Comments

In honor of girl scout cookie time (BTW what is up with the prices!! i remember when cookies cost 2.50, geez), i offer a fun find a' la Troop Beverly Hills (for those who don't know it, its only the best scouting movie EVER) i believe TBH to be the TRUE predecessor for Clueless, don't believe the hype about Emma :) that's just my opinion... 

The hidden camera book... if you can name the scene where they use this (without imdb'ing it or googling it), you are ULTRA cool in my book... 

secretly stalk your crush, while pretending to read a book about bunnies (i don't know which one of those is creepier, haha) Seriously how cute is this thing... who cares that it uses 110 film... Brilliant inventions brought to you by Urban Outfitters

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