Change You Can Believe In: EDAR

(Everyone Deserves A Roof) provide unique mobile shelters to people living on the streets. An alternative to cardboard boxes, alleys and underpasses, each EDAR is a four-wheeled mobile unit that resembles a reinforced shopping cart. It can carry belongings and facilitate recycling during the day and it unfolds into a special, framed tent-like sleeping enclosure with a bed at night. They are waterproof, very durable, and have much better wheels than the standard shopping cart which allows for increased mobility and an easier time recycling."

This is amazing, especially in such dire economic times. Homelessness is becoming an epidemic in America. People that were considered "middle-class" 11 months ago are now facing foreclosure and find themselves without shelter. While EDAR isn't a permanent solution, it provides a safe option for our fellow citizens. In leu of tent cities that are popping up everywhere (the largest one being in suburban Sacramento, California's capital) this is a stroke of genius. Donate Here, Double snaps to +


  1. Thank you Heather Marie. Very grateful for the endorsement. Peter Samuelson and Team EDAR. WWW.EDAR.ORG

  2. I am more then happy to endorse such a worthwhile endeavor!


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