Adventures of Super Wal-mart

Super Wal-mart is SUPER cool for so many reasons... (yes i agree mom and pop stores are awesome, however some things you just can't find at uncle joe's produce store)

Example number 1:
Muffin tops.
lord oh lord, i think i gasped when i saw these. this is amazing, i can't believe it took so long for a company to make these, but boy am i glad they did. Kudos and mad props to Kellog's Eggos Bake Shop. Seriously. Seriously made my day (it's the little things in life haha)

Example number 2: 
Topicana Orange Juice. GAH, you changed your logo and packaging! Now your product is unrecognizable, i think you are a generic brand of orange juice that doesn't deserve my consumer attention. But you sly little packing designers, you. You tricked me into oggling your nips, i mean caps, i mean nips... well, take a gander for yourself. Really, who is the genius that came up with orange shaped caps that look like, well, nipples. Geez tropicana, someone is smoking a lil' too much vitamin C. word.

The end.


  1. omg, did you just hear my tummy rumble?!? muffin tops! they must be serving those in heaven! so glad Wal-mizzart carries them =)

    and by golly, love how the caps look like oranges with the little printed leaves next to it...though the side view does look like tiny nubbs. ha.


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