How did i stumble into the world of graphic design, where terms like kern, leading, and pica became ingrained in my life. well it goes a lil' something like this....

Once upon a time there was a young girl who loved to color, specifically coloring books featuring barbie. not because she was super into barbie (although she was, barbie basically had me a corvette haha) but because these barbie coloring books allowed me to design the many outfits that adorned this pop-icon. i transformed barbies summer dress into something worthy of the Oscars. This is when i discovered creative freedom (I'm sure there were experiences prior to this in daycare or such that involved play-doh but this is the most vivid instance).

after i felt i became "too old" for barbie coloring books (which, i admit lasted until i was about 12 ha) i discovered the wonderful world of Lisa Frank. Her brilliant colors and playful illustrations... i mean who doesn't like a fuchsia unicorn! I was hooked, i had binders, folders, erasers, basically anything and everything i could get my pre-teen hands on! Also another illustrator Mary Engelbreit was amazing, and i admired her work as well...

post Lisa/Mary, came a love for photography. And who better to influence you at age 13 then Anne Geddes. I mean I'm not a baby person really, if you know me you know how TRUE this is...but her photos drew me in. i was amazed by the way she was able to "lull" a baby to sleep (pose) in cheese cloth... perhaps dimetapp was involved :)

after these influences i turned my creativity to music. classical music specifically. while this was amazing and lent me experiences i wouldn't otherwise have, i knew it wouldn't be a career path for me.

enter junior college. fun times. i took a painting/drawing class for fun. as well as an humanities class. and that's where i discovered what i had been missing in my life. a passion for creation was honed. fine art was fun! and i discovered i could make a living out of creating stuff, score!

and so the wonderful world of graphic design began. not quite the same a charcoal painting. but i found the exercise of "massaging" type to be cathartic. and knew this is where i ought to be.

design is everywhere. it influences everything you do. the products you buy, the movies you see, the shoes you wear, heck even the chonies you put on today. and that's why i AM a designer. word.


  1. someone "desiged" my chonies? That's so cool, how did they know how big my ass was??

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