The Gift Giver: Mother's Day Ideas

Mother's Day is fast approaching, here are some ideas for the ladies in your life!

For the woman who has a lot of shit to carry: VAG POSITIVITY TOTE

For the mom who daydreams of a reading nook: 

Skip the "bath bombs" and soak in this: 

If graphic tees are her jam: YOU SEE A GIRL, I SEE THE FUTURE

OR you could always bake her a sweet treat:
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

*illustration via the very talented Deun Ivory, her prints would make a great gift too!

Artist Alert: Eisen Bernardo

This post is long overdue. Eisen Bernardo juxtaposes contemporary album covers with classical works of art, the result is something magical and extraordinary. He shares his work via tumblr: Scene. Seen. Sin.

His work is just SO good guys, I mean, this image of Beyonce and Aretha... the creativity blows me away. Through Eisen's  interpretations and mashups, he hopes to elevate print media, and he is well on his way. 

Artist Alert: Sarah K. Benning

Sarah K. Benning is a fiber artist. Did you know that was a thing? Because it's totally a thing. She makes these intricate, delicate pieces of art via needle and thread. Each piece in her shop is handmade and she takes delicate care to make the patterns unique and vibrant each and every time. In case you're a crafty needle wielder she does offer a Pattern Program, if you're like me and unable to stitch without dropping expletives I encourage you to check out her shop here: Contemporary Embroidery 

It is a soft 'G,' pronounced 'jif.'

Imma still call it a GIF tho. 
Chris Gerringer is the creative behind Paperbeatscissors! and he has designed my favorite gif of all time. The state of the world is a garbage fire right now, but there was this moment, this perfect moment where we were all distracted by these 2 adorable children crashing their fathers television interview. Chris captured the joy and much needed distraction in gif form. Thank you Chris! 
You can support his art here:
Society 6 

I wanna dance with somebody!

Kat Maconie makes some truly nutty (in a good way) shoes. Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm a proud card carrying member of the under 5-foot club and generally loathe high heels. I mean, they're gorgeous and sculptural and a good idea in theory, but I often end up strutting around like a wounded baby deer whenever I attempt to wear them. But these shoes, The Dee, holy hell are they fun. Inspired by 80's South Beach these heels are begging to be danced in. 
See Kat's entire collection here: SS17

Is this thing on? #Adulting

Confession time, I haven't been adulting very well. I mean, I have been getting shit done at a very high level at work and home life is good too; however I've been neglecting extracurriculars that bring me joy. I've been making too many excuses and given in to the exhaustion that follows a stressful corporate job. But I need to make my joy a priority; starting with hiking more consistently (Iron Mountain two weekends in a row, check), spending more time with friends (will be checked off this Thursday when I travel to Portland to see Solo, an adorable dog and forget about why the powerpoint slide won't animate correctly at 9pm at night) and the trifecta is completed with beginning to blog again. Sharing fun, unique and even bizarre finds on my little corner of the internet. So here we go folks, I'm back.

Perfect tee can be purchased here: Kate Kimmel

MAKE THIS: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

I discovered this magical recipe about 5 years ago. I saw it on a lifestyle bloggers instagram, possibly via A Merry Mishap? Anyways, these muffins, they contain THREE ingredients. A foolproof fall must-bake item, these are a delicious crowd pleaser. And they make a ton, one batch makes 24 decently portioned muffins. 

1 box of yellow cake mix (18 oz box) 
1 large can of pumpkin (a 29 oz can, where pumpkin is the ONLY ingredient)
1 bag of chocolate chips (standard 12 oz bag will due -- use dark chocolate chips to elevate the flavor)

1. pour the cake mix in a large bowl
2. pour the entire can of pumpkin the the same bowl
3. mix the two (either by hand if your working on your FLOTUS arms or by hand mixer if you're not)
4. after the first two ingredients are incorporated and creamy add in the entire bag (do it, you know you want to) of chocolate chips and gently fold in to the mix
5. pour a good amount of the muffin mix in to aluminum muffin cups (this is very very important, DO NOT use paper cups the muffins will stick and everything will be awful. you're welcome.)
6. bake at 350° for no more then 20 minutes (test with a toothpick and check them around the 12 minute mark, ovens bake differently or unevenly; which is annoying)
7. the worst part, take them out and let them cool completely (unless you want lava tongue)
8. inhale your first (of many) three ingredient pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

*note: I have not tried this with gluten free cake mix so experiment at your own risk.

Why is laundry only a mothers job?

This P&G, BBDO Worldwide advertisement wrecked me. It resonates deep in my soul; hurtful stereotypes can be passed down from generation to generation. And while the hashtag is unfortunate, #ShareTheLoad (I mean, come on guys) it's message is clear.

Just because we can do it all, doesn't mean we should. Amirite?

Listen Hear: Podcast Edition

A new job = an increased commute. One way to survive the daily grind (besides belting out Solo and Bey -- bless you Ms. Tina for sharing your children with the world) is to listen to podcasts. My subscription list is growing and whenever I find a good one I excitedly share it with my friends. Here's what I'm currently listening to: 

Another Round
Heben and Tracy are the kind of women I want to be friends with, their banter, laughter and interview style is on point. If I lived in NY we would go out for brunch, watch a few episodes of Martin while sipping on adult beverages. They make you feel like you're hanging out with girlfriends you've known for years. 

Call Your Girlfriend
Aminatou and Ann are two badass chicks who talk about pop culture (Erstwhile Sock Designer Rob Kardashian) to politics (Make America Smell Great Again). They are best friends who have real-talk about menstrual cramps and their guest list is endlessly entertaining. 

Hosted by Dan Savage (known for his irreverent sense of humor and unfiltered sex advice) Savage Lovecast answers listener questions about relationships, love and sex. Entertaining and informative his podcast offers a unique view in to American (and occasionally international) bedrooms. 

For Colored Nerds
This is my newest Podcast discovery; Brittney and Eric are two New York friends who discuss everything nerdy. Wither they are interviewing YA authors, giving love to Leslie Jones or talking to members of the Black Art Incubator the episode is good and they are quickly becoming my favorite colored nerds!

*image source unknown, if you know the artist please let me know so I can credit appropriately

PB Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I made Monique's gluten free peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and holy hell, these are delicious. If you're craving something sweet but want to pretend you're eating a healthy treat look no further. These cookies are easy to whip up and delightful. 

You only need 7 ingredients (most of them are household staples) and they bake in under 11 minutes, so game on. 
Get Monique's recipe here: Ambitious Kitchen

Pro Tip:
Use dark chocolate chips and add Himalayan sea salt to enhance the flavor of these decadent delights