Creatively Kitsch Turns 9!

Dear y'a'll, thanks to Facebook memories for reminding me that 9 years ago I started this blog!. Creatively Kitsch, much like my hairstyles, has transformed over time. While my personal design aesthetic has evolved, I still love all things kitsch! Thanks for rocking with me, whether your a new reader, or my mom (hi mom!) who has been with me since day one. I appreciate you all.

Also, congratulations to making it through the LONGEST month in the history of months. January 2018 felt unrelenting. So welcome to Black History Month, the second best month of the year (the first being March, obvs #TeamAries).

ALSO, shameless personal plug time. I FINALLY finished redesigning my professional design portfolio, I gave myself a month to completely rehaul my site and I DID it. Thanks to So Laci Like for getting me all the way together. The link will live on the right hand sidebar or you can just go to

More exciting blogs to come! I STILL need to write about going to Dollywood while black, podcast subscription updates and instant pot recipes that are Lawry approved.


With a cheeky name and a lofty goal, #HappyPeriod is a social initiative that provides menstrual products to anyone that has a period and is low income, homeless or otherwise impoverished. Created in 2015 by Chelsea VonChaz and her mother Cherryl Warner this non-profit has morphed in to a movement. Imagine being unable to afford menstrual products; just because you're homeless doesn't mean your period stops.

With local chapters in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and San Diego (just to name a few), #happyperiod is making a positive impact on the community. You can help Chelsea's cause by volunteering or starting a local chapter, contributing to a fundraiser,  buying a tee (pictured above), or by donating to their Amazon wishlist.


Laci Jordan has been described as a renaissance woman, I prefer to call her a badass boss bitch. She is a creative director currently living in Los Angeles and her work is inspirational, to say the least. I have watched her professional glo up happen before my eyes and I am incredibly proud of her! We've never met (even though we share the same last name) but I believe in shine theory and cheer her on via social media on the reg!

Wither she's designing wrapping paper, taking well-lit celebrity portraits for CAA, creating a vibrant illustrations, or working with Solange (casual); this girl is a beast, plus her hair is LAID

Laci is vulnerable, relatable and creative as hell. She has a podcast too, because ya know, who needs sleep: Sh*t to Say.

Shine girl, shine!

To the Girls Sticker Pack

With the anti-harassment campaigns for both #MeToo and #TimesUp the conversation about women's rights have reached a fever pitch. Remember that time Amy "problematic" Schumer featured me in her instagram story without attribution? Infinite eye-roll. 

It's important that we have these open and educational conversations with our girls AND our boys. Their future careers, personal lives and wellness depend on it. Educate yourself by doing the research, reading articles featuring different points of view and above all else never victim-blame. 

"To the Girls" is an digital sticker pack curated by several artists who work for Grand Matter, a London-based artist agency. The profits from the downloads will be donated to Girl Up, a UN Foundation initiative. You can purchase the sticker pack HERE, it's 99 cents ya'll, DO A GOOD THING AND BUY THE STICKER PACK! 

Gift Guide: mommy dearest

This lady gave you life, she wiped your butt before you were potty trained, she rushed you to the ER when your temperature was too high, and she loves you harder then anyone else in your life. It's no small task trying to figure out what in the hell (sorry mom) to get her for Christmas. Here are a few fool proof ideas: 

This unsuspecting piece of jewelry has a hidden meaning, you can have your handwriting engraved in to necklaces, rings, bracelets and more. A couple of years ago after my gramps passed away I gifted my mom and grandma with a bracelet that bore his signature. There was lots of ugly crying, aka it was a perfect thoughtful (and surprisingly reasonably priced gift). 

My Vitamix by far is the most useful kitchen gadget I have ever bought, it may be pricey but refurbished models come with a 5 year warranty (also, it's worth every penny). You can make everything from soup, to smoothies, to powdered sugar to ice cream; it's a magical unicorn of a machine.


This soothing and calming soaking salt does double duty by benefiting US non-profit org Bright Endeavors. "Bright Endeavors lights the way out of poverty for young mothers in Chicago, Illinois by teaching these strong women to craft premium products in a supportive, professional environment. Through the paid transitional jobs program, Bright Endeavors provides the guidance and job skills young moms need to secure quality employment and achieve a lifetime of personal success. The artisans can work around their own schedules and other personal or family commitments."

Oh, your mom doesn't like Oprah? Sounds like grounds for emancipation to me. Give your mother time to reflect, and expand her soul with Oprah's latest book The Wisdom of Sundays

Gift Guide: gifts that give back

Since tomorrow is #GivingTuesday here are a few organizations that are near and dear to my heart.


This organization is over 100 years old, and hopefully with your support it will continue to thrive. PP is a community healthcare provider who's services are integral to the health of women and girls across the United States. Donate here or purchase merch from their official marketplace. 

I mean, do I even need to explain why you should foster and adorable baby elephant from The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Your funds will help raise and rehabilitate an orphaned baby (typically its mother and family have been killed to serve the brutal ivory trade). 

By now y'all know how I feel about elephants. Love is not a strong enough word; and now the orange asshole is attacking an animal that is literally smarter then he is. Save the Elephants says it best "Elephants are among the most intelligent creatures on the planet and have complex emotions. Their lives are being lost to the ivory trade, accelerating habitat and range destruction. You can help put a stop to this and ensure Africa’s elephants are protected for generations to come."

RADICAL MONARCHS I was a Girl Scout for over 8 years, and I know it ultimately made me a better human and changed how I move through the world. I also realize, now as an adult, how flawed it is as an organization/corporation (I was def the only brown Brownie in my troop). Radical Monarchs offers an alternative for girls of color; based out of the Oakland area, they encourage girls to form fierce sisterhood and radically contribute to their communities. 

Gift Guide: woke woman

This woman has a voice, she is unapologetic, a lover of pop culture and believes there is more then one reality to life in the United States. 

I adore my Zaria pin set, Essence created an online marketplace where people of color can see themselves reflected and celebrated. I am Zaria, and she is me. Get your set via Coloring Pins.

If you don't know about Jessamyn (and follow her on social media) ya should, she is absolutely fabulous. Her new book Every Body Yoga encourages readers to "let go of fear, get on the mat, [and] love your body". I mean, she has a section called "Chill the F Out", if that isn't relatable I don't know what is. 

The embodiment of the unbothered, Maxine Waters has taught us to reclaim our time and cut through the bullshit. She is a feminist hero and a voice we should lift up. Tees in the Trap knows what's up; their smart and sassy store has plenty of accessories, decor and clothing for the woke ass woman in your life. 

I absolutely adore Tyler Feder's illustrations. Her beautiful work often depict BOPO queens, ladies with anxiety and shines a light on those marginalized. I want everything she creates, her images make me so so happy. 

Gift Guide: for the littles

So what do you get that precocious child in your life? If you're childless this is even more difficult question to answer. Are Trolls still a thing, do I HAVE to step foot in to a Disney Store? Here are some suggestions for the cutest little in your life. 

The sweetest and softest woolly mammoth I ever did see available via Jellycat

Vashti Harrision is a brilliant illustrator, she has created this beautiful book that features 40 trailblazing women in black history.

A children's book that allows you to customize the names and characters to reflect your little reader, ProTip: use my code for $5 off of your order:

Misty Copeland is is the epitome of style, grace and talent. This is a Barbie a feminist parent can, and should, get behind.

Gift Guide: the millennial

You may not want to admit it, but if you were born between the early 1980’s to the mid-1990’s, you, my friend, are a millennial. So what do you get your totes fave millennial for chrismukkah? Here are a few ideas that are pretty fetch.

Help your fave stay hydrated and stylish with the flask. I've been following Jen's shop for many years (remember when she used to just do hair clips and socks) now this badass lady entrepreneur has a shop full of delightful clothes, accessories and beauty products. 

If you have this lovely giant (48"x36") calendar in your home prepare to be asked by every eighties baby where you got it. This piece makes a statement and keeps you on track, because guess what, vision is a thing that gets worse as you age. 

This little baby helps you plan more then brunch dates, craft brew tours and your upcoming trip to Marfa. The Passion Planner helps you break down short and long term goals. This tactile planner helps you take a break from digital burnout and encourages you to be more mindful.

I mean what millennial doesn't like their place smelling fresh while you have friends over for Cards Against and mules. Often Wander is a woman owned San Diego shop, each candle is poured by hand and scents are dreamy.  

Sweet Blackberry

I first heard about Sweet Blackberry on Another Round (my favorite podcast), they were interviewing Karyn Parsons (you may know her as Hilary Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air). Karyn was speaking about her passion project, Sweet Blackberry; as a new mom she noticed there as a deficit in children's books that featured characters of color. It's something I noticed too; when I was growing up the only book where I saw myself reflected was Addy Walker, the slave girl from the American Girl series (I highly recommend this article from Brit Bennett, she explains why Addy is so problematic). And while it's important to instill that sense of history in our children, it's a pretty heavy topic for any child.

Where is the black version of Amelia Bedilia? How about an all black Baby Sitters Club? It doesn't exist. 

Sweet Blackberry's mission is "to bring little known stories of African American achievement to children everywhere." and boy, do they. As an adult, I'm ashamed to admit my first time learning about Henry "Box" Brown was via Karyn on Another Round. Sweet Blackberry has animated features on Netflix too! 

So, what are you waiting for? They have a kickstarter campaign to help bring The Bessie Coleman Story (the first African-American pilot) to life. You can donate as little as $5, every pledge helps!